44 minutes | Dec 27th 2017

Bryan Townsend - From Political Novice to Overthrowing Senate Leader

State Senator D-Bryan Townsend was a political newcomer when he pulled off a gigantic upset in 2012 and beat Senate President Pro Tem Tony Deluca in a Democratic primary. Hear about some of the resistance he faced running against such a political heavyweight, how his political views were shaped by his father as a Newark police officer and his mom a teacher, and his thoughts on his 2016 Congressional run which had him finishing in second place. To view the show notes, head on over to www.electedofficialsofamerica.com/episode22.   1:50 - How did your blue collar roots mold you? 2:40 - Any dissonance between you being the son of a police officer and progressive? 5:40 - What was your professional life before your election? 8:04 - Any political inspirations when you were younger? 10:45 - How was it received when you announced you were running against DeLuca? 13:15 - Take me to the harshest, specific reaction you got from the Party. 15:00 - Did you think you were going to win? 18:10 - Darkest time of your campaign? 19:30 - What do you think about Delaware legislators also having a government job? 23:15 - Did you get some support from behind the scenes players? 24:15 - What would your message be to young people who might not withstand pressure from Party people? 26:30 - What can we do to reduce the bitterness in the country? 29:30 - What can you say about your Congressional run? 32:30 - What big lesson did you learn from that race? 34:30 - What legislation dealing with the heroin epidemic has been successful? 37:30 - What’s been your biggest lesson and biggest surprise so far? 40:00 - What’s the best advice someone has given you? 41:05 - What book had the biggest impact on you? 42:15 - What would your message be to the USA?
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