30 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Kris Davies - Intuitive Healer, Beauty Therapist, Published Author & Face Yogi

Kris Davies helps women empower themselves to feel confident, feel good and stay younger through intuitive non-invasive therapies.   She is an intuitive holistic aesthetician & advanced face yoga teacher, beauty and holistic healer of 38 years, animal healer, teacher and assessor.   Kris has a passion for teaching others to heal themselves, the skin, body, mind, soul connection, crystals, her kids, soon to be grandchild, and her dogs! She is happily married living in the beautiful countryside in Wales.   During 2020, at the age of 55, Kris lost all her income due to COVID, so decided to reinvent herself by doing and learning what she always wished she had time for, but also to find something ‘pandemic’ proof as beauty & holistic businesses were hit extremely hard. Now, at the age of 56, Kris has launched new businesses in teaching face yoga and healing, and her own chemical free vegan skin products (including dog products!). ‘Face yoga has turned my life around, not only in looks, but mental health, creating an inner glow and financially getting back on track and beyond.’   She is already an accomplished best-selling author with her part in ‘Perfect Health, True Life Stories Vol 1: Living in Balance’, re-telling her remarkable story of releasing housebound fibromyalgia.   A Proage activist, Kris believes age shouldn’t come into living your true potential, that we should all be seen and heard as ourselves and by empowering confidence in others truly allows them to heal from the inside and glow on the outside.    Connect with Kris -  Kris can be found online at www.krisdavies.com On Instagram: @krisldavies and @sav_eeskin   On Facebook under Kristine Liane Health & Beauty www.facebook.com/skin.mind.body.healthexpert   She works predominantly online, due to 2020, offering 1-2-1 and group intuitive Face Yoga classes, teaching accredited courses in face yoga, facials, crystal healing, reiki, chakra healing, Indian head massage, essential oils, wellness and business mentoring amongst other modalities to come as the business grows and has been identified as a centre of excellence, including being a Super Trainer in the Danielle Collins face yoga method.   Apart from professional courses, Kris also offers various workshops in DIY healing, teaching others how to heal themselves, and within corporate companies offering support in confidence, tech neck (becoming very common), reducing time off to employees.   www.linkedin.com/in/kris-davies-150a2946/    You can book a discovery call with Kris here: https://krisdavies.as.me/discoverfaceyogaforyou    Or email Kris at: kristinedavies65@gmail.com
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