51 minutes | Oct 14, 2021

Elaine Godley talks to Syd Femtinos | Multi-Award Winning Educator | UK Virtual School

Elaine Godley talks to Syd Femtinos, an incredible multi-award winning educator with a vision to disrupt education. Syd’s vision is to have an impact on the world through education and has worked with over 12,000 children over the last decade.   She is a big advocate of girls in STEM (she holds a MSci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics) and won the Outstanding Woman in STEM award in 2019 for her outreach work.   Syd founded UK Virtual School in the middle of the pandemic. She wanted to provide an effective solution for home educating families that combined her experience of what works and what doesn’t work with children.    Within 6 months, UK Virtual School had grown to 18 Staff - not only was UKVS a lifeline for parents and children but also for staff wanting a safe environment to do what they loved doing, teach!   More about Syd: www.ukvirtualschool.com https://instagram.com/uk_virtual_school https://www.facebook.com/UkVirtualSchool/
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