97 minutes | Dec 4th 2020

"WB Brings Their Entire 2021 To HBO Max, A Rated-R Batman?, Spidey Rumors, STAR WARS' New Frontier, And Exploring Superman's Origins"

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles starts things off right away by breaking down the news that Warner Bros is bringing its entire 2021 film slate to HBO Max. There are several aspects of this news that act as an escalation of what was discussed last time, and MFR is excited to point out how this will BENEFIT Warner Bros and HBO Max in the long run- even if it's a bummer that these movies won't strike the kind of box office gold they otherwise could have. From there, he goes into two listener/viewer questions: - Should a theatrically-released Batman film be rated-R? - Will we see Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin show up in Spider-Man 3? The next subject on the itinerary is Star Wars. MFR discusses how The Mandalorian truly is the fulfilled potential of Disney's decision to relaunch and continue the Star Wars galaxy. The final hour of the show is dedicated to Superman. The Amateur Otaku Podcast's Brandon Alvarado joins MFR for a layered and passionate dissection of the Man of Steel's origin, using Frank Miller's Superman: Year One as a guide for how to handle the classic tale in a way that brings new life to the 80+ year old character.
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