60 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

"Marvel and DC's Multiverse Madness, The Fate of Movie Theaters, and The Summer of Superman"

For this return to his weekly format, Mario-Francisco Robles dedicates this episode of The Fanboy Podcast to three long-form topics:

1. Marvel and DC's upcoming forays into the multiverse concept, and how one is destined to beat the other to several punches while on this decidedly similar path.

2. With so many movies getting delayed or shifted to streaming services, what can we expect to happen when it comes to preserving the theatrical moviegoing experience? Is this really THE END? Or is it the start of a new moviegoing culture?

3. A listener asks if MFR thinks Superman might best be suited for an HBO Max TV series, or if he has some other idea for how to make the Man of Steel connect with modern audiences.

An enhanced video version of this episode of The Fanboy Podcast can be found on YouTube.

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