60 minutes | Oct 30th 2020

"How Superman and His Friends Saved Us From COVID, and More CYBORG Drama!"

On this week's episode of The Fanboy Podcast, host Mario-Francisco Robles opens up about how he used his geeky nature to insulate and protect his kids from the pandemic sweeping the world.


MFR and his family lived through the insane month of April here in New York City, while living roughly 15 minutes away from the hospital that was being hit the hardest, and it took all of his fanboy powers to keep his kids entertained and optimistic through those scary times.


It's a testament to the power of movies, heroes, and belief.


He also breaks down his addiction to social media and why he had to step away for as long as he did, while explaining the way "echo chamber algorithms" are designed to keep you in a perpetual social media loop.


Along the way, he touches on the latest twists Ray Fisher's crusade against Warner Bros. for perceived wrongdoing on the set of Justice League.


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