74 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

"Affleck Reflects on His Time As Batman in The DCEU, The Snyderverse Never Had A Chance, Marvel's Blueprint Inspires, and Superman Is Coming!"

For the first show of 2021, The Fanboy Podcast's Mario-Francisco Robles opens the show with a look at recent comments made by Ben Affleck about his time as Batman in the DC Extended Universe. Affleck's thoughts thoughts stir up a whole discussion for MFR on how Affleck's run was marred by a studio that couldn't decide what it wanted DC's film franchise to be. This segues things into how Zack Snyder was given the keys to the DC kingdom, then tripped up the moment he tried to take his first step into it, and how that means there'll always be an asterisk on the Snyderverse- because we never actually got to see an untampered-with version of what he'd do with with these beloved characters. We'll always just have to GUESS how things would've gone if they would've allowed at least ONE of the movies of his that they'd greenlit to come out without overhauling it first. Zack Snyder's Justice League was recently referred to as a cul de sac- a road that leads nowhere- since there are apparently no plans to follow up on any of the seeds planted in the film. MFR has thoughts on that, while also bringing up Snyder's own recent comments on his DC future. From there, we shift to Marvel, Kevin Feige, and their new series WandaVision. Things wrap up with some quick thoughts on The CW's Superman & Lois series, which arrives next month.
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