58 minutes | Jan 7, 2020

Yacht Squawk - w/ Effin' Rager

Salutations! Welcome to the very first episode of Yacht Squawk with very rich and very real brothers, Chiles and Giles Froth. Once again, they prove that they are miles above even the upper crust of the upper class by bringing on two lowly rapscallions from the bayou! Conner and Ned are two Boggy Foggies who are way, way, WAY beneath us but we invite them to talk to us in hope of bumping their social status up maybe just a smidge.Check us out LIVE on the air on KPFT HD2 every Monday at 8PM!www.effinrager.comLeave us voicemail at 910 447-2437 and we'll play it on the show!
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