36 minutes | Sep 18, 2019

Sticky Learning – What Binge Watching Teaches us About the Goldfish Myth (EP:08)

Sticky Learning - What Binge Watching Teaches us About the Goldfish Myth (EP:08) With Julie Dirksen, M.S. As educators, you have likely heard a lot about the limits of human attention span, maybe you even heard that cell phones have robbed us of precious mental faculties leaving us with less capacity than a goldfish. Truth be told, there are a lot of ideas out there around the topic of attention span as well as how to make learning materials effective (aka sticky). From goldfish brains to classroom theatrics to multi-hour media binges – what exactly is it that makes us engaged and learning stick? In this episode, designbetterlearning founder, instructional designer, and author of the book Design for How People Learn Julie Dirksen chats with Stacy Craft about strategies for creating ‘Sticky Learning’ and how that connects with our common misconceptions around attention span. Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Contact us at edufi@mayo.edu Additional Resources How to Make Brain Friendly Learning that Sticks 6 Tricks to Making Learning Sticky!  Teaching Tips – Sticky Learning Baird, A. (2012). Sticky Teaching. [online] Association for Psychological Science - APS. Books Inglis, H., Dawson, K. and Nishioka, R. (2014). Sticky learning. Lanham: Fortress Press. Videos https://youtu.be/TSU11IVyK4A https://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/j0dkbaj4cq You can follow Julie on Twitter at @usablelearning
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