45 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

8. How Parents Can Play The Education Game with Matt Barnes

On today's episode, how a father turned parent education coach realized that parents might hold the key to improving education.   Matt Barnes is the founder of The Education Game, an organization that helps parents learn how to navigate and realize authentic and relevant learning experiences for their children. Over the last 22 years, Matt has served on 9 education org boards including a selective public university. He's run an education nonprofit, he's helped to give away over $500 million worth of grants -- many to public charter school networks like KIPP -- and most importantly, he has coached thousands of parents on building independent, self-directed learners. He believes that parents should now avoid "normal" in their child's education and, instead, shamelessly pursue "weird."   Matt believes many parents are still stuck in the old model of good grades, doing well on standardized achievement tests, and attending college, with the assumption that these achievements will lead to a happy life but you probably know, that's not necessarily true.   We had this conversation in the Spring but what Matt shares is very relevant for all my parents out there who care about how their child is being educated (aka all parents!).   Links Mentioned: The Education Game, where you can also find free resources. The Promise and the Plan: Every parent must make a promise and a plan for their child's learning. Parents can schedule a free one on one conversation with Matt to create a basic learning plan for their child. Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success book Connect with Matt on LinkedIn   Follow Najia on LinkedIn
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