40 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

6. How to NOT Go Back to School as Usual with Jenee Henry Wood

How can schools NOT go back to business as usual in the fall?   I talk with Jenee Henry Wood who is passionate about social justice. Jenee leads Organizational Learning at Transcend, a national nonprofit whose mission is to support communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments. They are a research & development engine for the education sector.   We talk about how Transcend has been partnering with districts and schools to re-design learning environments, particularly coming through the pandemic.   It was really inspiring to hear about some of the innovative schools with which the Transcend team has worked, and the practices they've put into place, especially to support the social & emotional health of students.   If you're an education leader, teacher, or parent, I hope this conversation ignites or builds on ideas you've been exploring for your students or kids in the fall...and beyond.   The Education ReMade podcast's mission is to explore what education can look like if it is built to serve PEOPLE & the PLANET!   Links Mentioned: Visit Transcend for tools & resources including Roads to Reinventing work and follow on Twitter and Facebook. Leaps for Equitable 21st Century Learning Framework Perea Elementary School, Memphis, TN, designed a fall come-back plan that gave parents choice with full in-person options, full virtual options, on Fridays all students would engage in community or project based learning. Van Ness Elementary School, an innovative district-run school in Washington DC, and Transcend, the field’s premier “engine” for R&D on new school models, are partnering to create a powerful elementary school model that has the potential to transform elementary education in the District of Columbia.  Read more about the VanNess Whole Child Model. Navigator Elementary School, Rancho Cordova, CA nXu is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and equip youth and adults to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose. Follow Najia: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/najialupson/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/najia.lupson/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/najialupson
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