41 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

5. Nature as Our Guide with Sam Chaltain - Part 2

In Part 2 of my conversation with Sam Chaltain, partner at 180 Studio and content creator, we talk about how educators can start to think about applying some of nature's design principles and what often goes wrong in our well intentioned approaches.   We discuss innovative school systems around the world and how some of our basic definitions of "school" and "teacher" are ripe for evolution.   And we end our conversation discussing the SEED + SPARK Design Expedition that 180 Studio has launched which is a year long effort in service of a new story for humanity that uses nature as our guide.   Links Mentioned: Find Sam on Instagram & Twitter Sam's book Faces of Learning The Kettle Moraine School District includes schools that have created curriculum around the UN Millennium Development goals. Finland Phenomenon based learning is a fascinating way of thinking about teaching in a very interconnected way. Reggio Emilia is an educational philosophy based on the image of a child with strong potentialities for development and a subject with rights, who learns through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings, and grows in relation with others. Follow Najia: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/najialupson/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/najia.lupson/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/najialupson
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