49 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

13: Reimagining Education with Kelly Young

On today's episode, how a mother sought out a different approach to education for her son which led her to build a national community around learner centered education.    Kelly Young is the President of Education Reimagined, a non-profit organization committed to making learner-centered education available to every child in the US. Education Reimagined unites and ignites learner-centered leaders including young people, educators, administrators, policy advocates,  and leaders across higher education, business, unions and philanthropy – who are ALL building the models, systems, public will, and policy conditions to transform education in the U.S.    For Education Reimagined the shift to community-based ecosystems of learning is also a shift to learner-centered education where young people are supported to discover and pursue their interests and curiosities in caring, supportive relationships and community. Kelly believes we need inventors who are ready to act on this new vision for education and she's really proud to lead an organization that is bringing these folks together from across the country.   As many of us just started or are getting ready to start a new school year with uncertainty around the pandemic, I think the ideas Kelly shares are even MORE relevant because we continue to be faced with having to figure out flexible ways for kids to keep learning.   Links Mentioned:   The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein Education Reimagined's vision document: A Vision for Transformational Education in the U.S. The Met High School Iowa Big Workspace Education - Homeschool co-learning space Education Reimagined on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Education Reimagined's Voyager magazine   Find Education Reimagined on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.   Follow Najia on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.
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