41 minutes | Jan 18, 2019

Leading Schools in Disruptive Times with Dwight Carter

In this inaugural episode, host Kristina MacBury chats with Dwight Carter, a former high school principal in Central Ohio and NASSP Digital Principal of the Year. Carter, a co-author of several books on education, is currently an Effectiveness Coach for Dynamix. Carter describes his education excellence mission as doing something every day to positively impact students. In his book, Leading Schools in Disruptive Times, he explains the positivity comes from CAT (Cope, Adjust, and Transform). Carter discusses how he reacted to racist graffiti at his school—being visible and providing reassurance to his staff and students. Carter talks about Dynanix’s launch of Be GREAT Huddle, as a means to implement positivity, and which will include a private Facebook group, which you might want to consider joining. External recognition and intrinsic motivation—two extremely important concepts in education—need to be balanced, Carter notes. Other significant education excellence aphorisms: Good grades don’t always translate into happiness. It’s important to create boundaries for electronic devices, which students really are looking for. This episode was sponsored by NWEA, www.nwea.org and Better Lesson, https://betterlesson.com.

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