33 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

EP 403 | SEO Testing Methodologies with Kevin Indig

Kevin Indig, SEO Director of Shopify, in his second part of our interview, covers the scientific methodology and mindset necessary for SEO improvements as Google evolves. We discussed in detail the opportunities to test with reversion control and baseline factors to clearly produce SEO results to the C-suite execs. SEOs need to be watching business results, not ranks.  Check out this interview and tell us your thoughts about what we covered. [00:04:04] When Kevin witnessed changes in Google, now understood as user-intent[00:07:21] Using SERP features for queries to understand user intent to a better degree[00:09:51] Google’s changing understanding of topics. [00:13:34] Are the days of the SEO checklist gone?[00:15:29] Committing to the scientific method. Yup, it hurts.[00:19:11] Testing methodologies for SEO[00:27:01] Weeding out toxic SEOs and SEO agencies
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