28 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

410 | News from the EDGE | Week of 4.12.2021

On this week’s episode, we unpack two new updates from Google on their algorithm and Search Console, explore more info on Core Web Vitals and attempt to play nice about that antitrust lawsuit Google’s wrapped up in.    [00:03:05] Google Announced Product Reviews Algorithm Update We suspect this update is aimed at all those affiliate links that websites are including in their reviews these days.    [00:08:00] Google Launches Two Improvements To Search Console They’ve improved comparison modes, which literally brings a tear to our eye.   [00:12:22] Antitrust lawsuit claims Google gamed its ad system to the tune of $213 million Using a program referred to as “Bernanke” in-house, Google allegedly gave favor to its own ads over rivals.   [00:17:32] How Often Will Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor Be Calculated? As Core Web Vitals crest over the horizon, expected to affect rankings in May, John Mueller answered a question regarding how CWV will factor into the algorithm.
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