22 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

407 | Content Reuse with Ashley Segura

Ashley Segura, Co-Founder and Operations VP of TopHatSocial, explains how to navigate the challenges of repurposing content in your omnichannel digital strategy. She recommends auditing your content quarterly, explains what you should be looking for and how to use the insights for your next content plan. And if you haven’t started using SlideShare yet, don’t start now.   [00:03:43] What is content reuse in content marketing [00:04:58] When should you not repurpose content? [00:08:16] Is there ever a time that you shouldn’t repurpose content? [00:11:14] Recommendation: auditing your content quarterly [00:13:16]  What about slideshare decks? [00:14:52] Is there too much repurposing of content? [00:16:29] Tools and signs to measure content performance?
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