31 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

406 | News from the EDGE | Week of 3.29.2021

Mordy joins Erin to go through some of the digital news on episode 406.  [00:03:18] Will the SEMrush IPO Make a Splash? SEMrush went public last week with an IPO, including a total valuation approaching $2 billion. This is the first major IPO of a company that is laser-focused on SEO, not just digital marketing in general. [00:06:06] Hotel Property Promotion Ads Now Available Globally Google has launched its hotel property promotion ads initiative to help users see these ads when searching hotels without knowing which one they might want. Google will make them geo-sensitive for relevancy. [00:12:07] Zero-Click Google Searches Increased Sharply in 2020 During 2020 fully 64.82% of Google searches ended without any click through to a web property. Back in August 2019 that figure was more like 50%. And the 2020 figure is probably an undercount. Man, Mordy went long on this….
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