31 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

402 | News from the EDGE | Week of 3.15.2021

Mordy joins Erin to go through some of the digital news on episode 402.  We have a special Twitter contest for the best 404 page for our upcoming 404 episode.  It was either that or have an episode you just wouldn’t be able to find, right?  Get it?   [00:04:51] YouTube Creators Outside the US: Tax Withholding Coming from Google? Google is going to be required to withhold taxes for non-US YouTube creators who earn money from US citizens viewing their videos.    [00:09:01]Local Estimated Prices Near You Feature Being Tested by Google In an effort to help users find local pricing information for specific kinds of searching, such as a roof repair job, water heater installation, and so on.   [00:16:20] Search Equity: Will Google Get On Board? It looks like Google is finally democratizing the SERP to help ensure the average business owner can compete in search rankings even lacking SEO expertise or huge resources to put into it.   [00:26:25] Our Twitter Contest announcement for our next episode 404!
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