22 minutes | May 24, 2021

07 - Why digital nomads need regenerative villages - and vice versa

Original talk had been held by Jorin Eichhorn at the re:build online event on April 30th 2021  This is the first episode of the Economadia podcast where co-founder Jorin is all by himself sharing his knowledge and views about how both, digital nomads and regenerative villages, could benefit from each other. Jorin is an expert in rural coworking and coliving and has a wide-spread network in this yet very small movement. You will learn in this episode about... what regenerative villages are at a glance the digital nomad lifestyle in general how this is going to be combined and be looked at from both perspectives of how that would work together well The main point is to make clear how location independent people could not only fit but thrive in such a regenerative village. __________________________________ Really useful links and material: re:build online event from April/May 2021: https://re-build.co/ For deep dive information about regenerative villages, please check out: https://designforsustainability.medium.com/sustainability-is-not-enough-we-need-regenerative-cultures-4abb3c78e68b and https://www.filmsforaction.org/articles/the-regenerative-design-revolution/  For a better visualization of what is being talked about around 05:00, check out: https://leighbaker.com.au/sustainable-restorative-regenerative-whats-in-a-name/ When talking about challenges when working remote at 10:00, check “The 2020 State of Remote Work” by Buffer: https://lp.buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2020, see chart #6This topic really interests you? The team of re:build is going to organize a physical offline event in Portugal in the beginning of September 2021. Find details here: https://re-build.co/gathering
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