34 minutes | May 9, 2021

06 - Nomadica Serbia - The birth of a new rural coworking and coliving project

It's been said that Covid-19 has accelerated a bunch of processes which would have otherwise taken much longer under "normal" circumstances. This is certainly true for remote work and everything that revolves around that topic - such as rural coworking and coliving projects which are to become a serious alternative to living in the (big) city. Miloš and Stefan from Serbia are working on such a rural coworking and coliving project called "Nomadica". They take you on a little journey on how to get started and why they region offers great advantages for their project. Nomadica is representative for many more projects of this nature that will appear on the map in the next years - Economadia keeps you up date, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter! __________________________________ Really useful links from the podcast Link Nomadica: www.nomadicateam.com Link to Pozlan (next bigger city with airport is Niš): goo.gl/maps/fpUNvsRTBjFS3LNb7 Mokrin House: www.mokrinhouse.com Coconat Berlin: coconat-space.com LinkedIn Miloš: www.linkedin.com/in/milos-rajkovic-92581517a LinkedIn Stefan: www.linkedin.com/in/stefan-tasic-3b32a91b4
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