25 minutes | Aug 31, 2020

04 - Starting a coworking and coliving project during Corona - with Anna from Ruralco in Spain

In this episode: how a rural coworking and coliving project comes to life. Why the combination of remote work and Corona crisis makes people to create new ways of living together. It’s September 2020 – and rural coworking and coliving are on the rise due to the ongoing Corona crisis around the world. One new project on the map is Ruralco which is a place that you can find near Valencia, Spain. Co-founder Anna tells us the story of this place that only recently opened its gates for people to come. Meet her and donkey Pepe in this episode :) Wanna get access to our list of the 10 most interesting rural coworking and coliving places? We are happy to provide you our exclusive list here at www.economadia.org If you love what you hear you can also join our next upcoming workation in Southern Portugal in Jan. ’21. Check out www.economadia.org/workation-portugal-2021 Thanks for your attention and your kindness! ______________________ Really useful links from the podcast Ruralco coworking and coliving: ruralco.liveMusic: Dan Lizard – Happy Feelings
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