13 minutes | Aug 13, 2019

Personalisation, AI and the data-driven approach in eCommerce - Matthaus Bognar | eCommerce Talks #6

This time we met with Matthaus Bognar to talk about the growing role of personalization in building trust and engagement of buyers. Along with our host, Marcos Bravo C., we ask him about connecting different types of data and using AI-powered tools to understand users' needs and deliver them personalized communication. Matthaus is Head of Global Enterprise and Business Development at Nosto, one of the leading providers of personalization solutions. Based in Finland, the company moved its focus from European to global markets in the past years. Matthaus observed with fascination the diverse behaviours of users in Europe and the U.S., and matches them with different approaches of companies using personalization.  Is personalization a magic button that will answer the needs of your clients? How do the brands in the U.S. and Europe approach omnichannel and personalization? How do they use data and AI to adjust solutions to various user behaviors? How to start using personalization in the business without investing millions? What is the right way of working with behavioral data and transaction data? And what is the role of experiments, on-site recommendations and AB testing in creating a unique and personalized user experience? You will find the answers to the above questions, and tips on how to implement tools for personalization in your eCommerce, in this episode of eCommerce Talks.  Events and conferences recommended by Matthaus Bognar: Online marketing rockstars in Hamburg - https://omr.com/en/  K5 in Berlin - https://www.k5.de/en/  DMEXCO in Cologne - https://dmexco.com/ 
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