14 minutes | Aug 6, 2019

From a startup to a global leader with the headless approach - Marcus Lorenz | eCommerce Talks #5

Along with Marcus Lorenz, we dive into the secrets of growing eCommerce stores from startups to fast maturing businesses with astonishing results, featuring the example of Lampenwelt.  Marcus Lorenz started Lampenwelt in 2014, when this rising star of eCommerce had only three people in the IT, headquarters in the owner's garage and was selling its products on eBay. Since then, Lampenwelt has achieved amazing success and makes over EUR 100 million in revenue. What were the key elements of this growth? How do they build solutions close to the customers' view? How did they approach technology and complete their teams? How did they settle and stabilize their technology? And most of all, how did they use microservices to construct their IT structure and make it ready to grow and scale globally? You will find all these answers in this episode of eCommerce Talks.  Podcasts and books recommended by Marcus Lorenz: - Kassenzone by Alexander Graf - https://www.kassenzone.de/  - Digital Kompact - https://www.digitalkompakt.de/podcasts/  - 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey - https://www.amazon.com/Habits-Highly-Effective-People-Anniversary/dp/1511317299   Episodes directory ➡ http://divante.co/talks 
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