43 minutes | Dec 23, 2020

Do More of What Works: Content Strategy Strategies From a 7-figure Brand w/ Lewis Fausett

A lot of businesses think of eCommerce marketing as a combination of making their product look amazing, buying more ad space, and selling, selling, selling. But there’s more to successful eCommerce marketing than that. I sat down with Lewis Fausett, COO at 7-figure eCommerce brand Patrick Adair Designs, to discuss eCommerce marketing and content strategy. We also talked about: How he dropped out of school and became a COO. His secret to great content. Unique ways to factor ROAS. Mistakes eCommerce businesses make when scaling. The future of eCommerce. Learn more about Patrick Adair Designs here. For the entire interview, tune in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or our website.
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