31 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

Using Amazon DSP to Find the Right Audience with MightyHive's Nich Seo

In this episode, John chats with Nich Seo, Sr. Manager of Partnership Development at MightyHive, the leading data and digital media consultancy. Nich breaks down display advertising strategies using Amazon’s Demand Side Platform. He and John discuss how endemic versus non-endemic brands can utilize the ad tactic to target audiences with relevant display ads. They also touch on new ad inventory through OTT and Twitch.

About the guest:

Nich Seo is a Senior Partner Manager at MightyHive, the leading data and digital media consultancy, where he oversees the global partnership between Amazon and MightyHive across Amazon’s media and measurement solutions.

With over five years of experience in digital media, Nich works together with industry leaders and product experts across various advertising technologies to envision and develop the future roadmap for marketing innovation.




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