37 minutes | Feb 4, 2016

Episode 41: Soda Policy: What’s on Tap

Last season Eating Matters  had pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Robert Lustig, on the show to discuss sugar and its negative impacts and this week, as a follow up, Jenna Liut and Austin Bryniarski focus on the one sugary product that is arguably most harmful for your health – sugary drinks. There has been much in the news on sugary drinks in the past six months – from the NYT, for example, reporting Coca-Cola’s funding of scientific studies that shifts focus away from diet’s role in obesity to the recently reported success of the soda tax in Mexico. Taking a look back at when and why the public health community first started to target sugary drinks in addition to discussing what’s on tap for soda policy in 2016 given recent events, Jenna and Austin welcome two public health and food policy experts – Dr. Kelly Brownell and Jim O’Hara.  Tune in for a great show!

“What you should do is make these products show their real cost, and that’s what a soda tax does. That money is then allowed to be used for the the prevention efforts.” [27:30] –Jim O’Hara on Eating Matters


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