38 minutes | Feb 28th 2018

#40 - Borough President Eric Adams Plans to Transform Brooklyn and the Nation With Plant-Based Food

I recently had the honor of sitting down with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams to hear more about his journey back to health using plant-based nutrition. Adams has turned his personal success into a citywide campaign. He holds discussions about the benefits of a plant-based diet at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, has implemented a policy mandating all events at Borough Hall have plant-based options, and has built a community for doctors who focus on plant-based nutrition. Not to mention, he has helped start community-based plant-based challenges in churches to further spread the message that a plant-based diet leads to better health and longevity.

Eric Adams is all about empowering people and giving them the tools they need to fight for a better food system. If you want to learn more about how to affect this kind of change in your community, do not miss this episode!

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