45 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

EP 23: Stress Intolerance and Pyrrole Disorder with Dr. Judith Bowman

Anxiety, anger, and stress are a normal part of the human experience. But if you find yourself unable to tolerate even the smallest amount of stress without feeling lots of anxiety and anger, you may have a little-known stress disorder known as Pyrrole disorder.   Pyrrole disorder (also called Pyroluria) occurs when a biochemical abnormality results in the overproduction of pyrrole molecules. Pyrrole molecules are excreted continuously in the urine and are normal by-products of hemoglobin synthesis and other bodily processes.   For the average healthy person, this is not a problem. However, for someone with Pyrrole disorder, nutrient deficiencies occur because these molecules have an affinity for zinc and vitamin B6, causing them to latch onto and excrete them in the urine before the body can adequately absorb them, leading to severe oxidative stress.   Pyrrole disorder is connected to a plethora of symptoms and disorders such as extreme anger and rage, rapid mood swings, night owl tendencies, high anxiety, depression, morning nausea, alcoholism, and bipolar disorder.   Pyrrole disorder is something I regularly test for in my clinic. It is typically seen in people of all ages and is often genetically inherited in Northern European people groups such as the Irish and Scandinavian populations.   In today’s episode, I take a deep dive with Dr. Judith Bowman of Mensah Medical into what this disorder is and how it may be impacting your mental and physical health as well as myths that could be potentially harmful.   I hope this episode leaves you empowered and educated on this stress intolerant disorder and how focusing on root causes instead of symptoms is how true healing occurs.   Listen to the full episode to hear: How Pyrrole disorder can be a root cause of alcoholism and addiction The connection between stress intolerance and Pyrrole disorder The role genetics plays in Northern European people groups Why zinc and B6 for important for optimal brain function What the differences are between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids The disturbing myth that manganese is required to treat Pyrrole disorder   Learn more about Dr. Judith Bowman: Mensah Medical About Dr. Judith Bowman   Learn more about Sami: Eatfor.life Book Your Complimentary Consultation   Resources: Eat For Life EP 20: Biochemical Imbalances that Cause Eating Disorders with Dr. Judith Bowman The Pyroluria Diet, Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, William J. Walsh, PhD  
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