4 minutes | Oct 6th 2019

21. Welcome Back to Season 2

Welcome back, you’re in for another inspiration-packed season of the Eat. Drink. Innovate podcast. I’m Susie White, a product innovation coach, author and podcaster in Melbourne Australia and this Season I’ll be talking with food entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups to get behind the scenes and find out how they’re building successful businesses and making their mark on the Australian food industry. And I’m mixing things up a little this season by also speaking with food and beverage industry experts, who will offer their wisdom and experience on key topics of building a food and beverage business, such as how to work with a manufacturer, develop packaging, use social media, develop a brand and crowd-fund, to name just a few.This season, we’d also like to hear more from YOU the listeners.Now you can ask a question, leave a comment or suggest who else I should be chatting with on our new dedicated podcast hotline, simply phone +61 3 8844 4823 and leave me your message.And if you’re looking for some ‘how to’ advice to come up with new food and beverage product ideas, you can take a look at my Amazon best-selling book, ‘Innovation Feast: Create new product ideas to feed your hungry business” and connect with me on my website or instagram;https://eatdrinkinnovate.com.au/innovation-feast/https://eatdrinkinnovate.com.au/food-and-beverage-product-innovation/https://www.instagram.com/susie.eat.drink.innovate/
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