43 minutes | Nov 13th 2018

17. Tahlia Mynott, Made With Raw Love

Tahlia Mynott is the co-founder with Scott Turner of Made With Raw Love. They make raw chocolate and cacao elixirs with certified organic and wild harvested ingredients.In this episode, you’ll hear how Made With Raw Love is really a love story all in itself. On one of Tahlia and Scott's first dates, Scott prepared some frankincense and honey raw chocolate. The use of healing oils in chocolate was a source of inspiration for Tahlia and together they have forged an enviable lifestyle business. Made With Raw Love expresses Tahlia and Scott’s personal passion for healing with food through plant-based eating and compliments Tahlia’s practice and food philosophies as a holistic nutritionist. Plus, in this episode, you’ll learn about the benefits of sharing your Origin Story as the founder or owner of a food and beverage business.Learn more about the Made With Raw Love product range and connect with Tahlia and Scott on: https://www.madewithrawlove.comhttps://www.instagram.com/madewithrawlove/https://www.facebook.com/madewithrawloveMany thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Badalya, a global food and beverage venture catalyst which specialises in taking validated food concepts to global markets. You can check them out at http://www.badalya.com and put them to work building your business.
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