36 minutes | Nov 21, 2012

An awesome interview with Pat Flynn

An interview with Pat Flynn Earlier this Spring I had an opportunity to record an awesome  interview with Pat Flynn for my finding freedom podcast. The interview was so good and so inspiring that I thought it only fitting to republish it on my Blogging with WordPress podcast and move the interview over here to www.Easytechsite.com. This was a very exciting time for me and it was great to chat with someone who has seen such great success online. If you have already heard this interview, then I would encourage you to listen to it again! There is a lot of great insight and information shared in this interview that you may have missed the first time around. I will warn you that this was my first time ever interviewing someone. So it’s possible that I may sound a little nervous and not quite myself. The reason for that is that I actually was nervous! None the less, this was a great interview. If there is another blogger that you would like me to interview for this podcast then please let me know in the comments below! I would also like to hear what you thought about the interview itself. So please leave your thoughts in the comments. Below is a short blog post I wrote up as the show notes for the original finding freedom podcast. Enjoy!   Original show notes from April 2012 Pat is one of the few people on the web that I follow very closely. He has a great story and always delivers amazing content. Week after week, I find my online business improving because of the information that he freely gives out. You can check out Pat’s blog at www.smartpassiveincome.com. Last fall I emailed Pat asking if I could conduct an interview with him. I honestly didn’t know if I would even get a reply. I have emailed other big time bloggers who never responded, or I received a response from their secretary telling me they did not have time for interviews. Within a day or so I had a response from Pat directly. He thanked me, but told me because of several projects he was currently working on he did not have any spare time at the moment, but to touch base with him in the spring and he would try to schedule something. On the first day of spring, I followed up with Pat. He replied back the same day and agreed to let me interview him. This interview is a ripper and I think you will find Pat extremely informative and inspirational. In this episode, Pat talks about how he began his online business and how he ended up building an awesome income. He also explains how
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