24 minutes | Nov 15, 2012

15 WordPress plugins that will change a bloggers life : Blogging with WordPress #2

My favorite thing about WordPress is the endless amount of amazing plugins to improve my online business and overall functionality of my blog.  Today I am going to share 15 WordPress plugins that I think every blogger should have! These plugins will change your life and make your blog much more likely to be successful. I hope you find these plugins useful and I would love for you to comment below on any great plugins that you are aware of that I might have missed! So please feel free to comment at the end of the post. Please also note that there is no reason for the particular order that this plugin list is in.   15 WordPress plugins that will change a bloggers life   1) Pretty Link:  This plugin is a must have if your are an affiliate marketer. I don’t know about you but there is no way in the world I can even begin to remember those long and ugly affiliate links. Pretty Link is a free plugin that lets you take those ugly long links and make them pretty and easy to remember. Here is a quick video on how to use Pretty Links 2) OptinSkin :   This plugin has been a huge benefit to my business!! This plugin let’s you create and customize awesome looking opt-in boxes to increase your chances of capturing an email address. My conversions went up significantly after installing this plugin. Unlike all the other plugins on this list, Optinskin is NOT a free plugin, but it is more then worth the investment if your serious about building your email list.   3) Better Author Bio:  This plugin is great for branding yourself and building up your social media following. Better Author Bio will place a bio box at the end of every post letting the readers know who you are and what your about. You can also include your social media links at the bottom of your bio which will help you gain more followers. Very useful and easy to use and install.   4) Podpress or Blubrry PowerPress:  If you wanting to include a podcast show on your blog then you defiantly should get one of these two plugins. They allow you to track your podcast statistics  and easily embed a audio player with in your post. They also help you deliver your feed and information to iTunes. Blubrry is the most current and most recommended of the two. I still use Podpress simply because I always have.   5) CommentLuv:  This plugin is really neat because it will automatically place a link to the commenters last blog post. This really encourages people to leave comments and join your communit
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