25 minutes | Sep 26, 2021

Identifying the Best EdTech Tools for Your School - Bonus Episode with Teq

In this episode, I’m joined by Joseph Sanfilippo, Director of eLearning at OTIS for Educators, to discuss how to identify the best EdTech tools for your school.  You'll hear Joseph share advice and recommendations for educators so they can make the most of the EdTech that is out there and available to them. Show notes: https://classtechtips.com/2021/09/26/best-edtech-tools-bonus/  Sponsored by Teq: http://otispd.com/  Join us for a fall webinar series: https://www.teq.com/edtech-essentials-with-monica-burns-oct-nov-2021/  Follow Monica on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/classtechtips/  Grab the Book Bonus for EdTech Essentials: https://classtechtips.com/bookbonus 
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