88 minutes | Aug 22, 2017

Beyond The Wall: episode analysis

Cold, wet, and crazy. That pretty much sums up this episode. A pan over the dragon-stone table takes us "Beyond the Wall". We listen in on multiple conversations between contrasting and comparable characters among this group. Gendry "whinges" and bitches, Tormund fantasizes about Brienne while talking with The Hound, and Jon and Jorah both offer each other a sword. Back at Winterfell, Arya bitches to Sansa about the letter... hopefully there's some planning underneath all of this. Daenerys discusses queen stuff with Tyrion and heads up north to save Jon and his men. Viserion gets an ice spear through the heart and Daenerys wins over Jon's heart. Enjoy our analysis of this episode as I am joined by my brother Tim, and Callie Wills!
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