42 minutes | Dec 12th 2018

Episode 053: Brigette Young – Modern Muse Co. – Marketing, Music and Storytelling

I’d be willing to bet that you won’t find anyone with the same type of experience as Brigette Young of Modern Muse Company.   She brings record promoting, catering-event planning, private flight attendanting and all that she’s learned from these and more to help her clients.  Hers is a more personal approach to marketing.  One that isn’t found as often today.  But should be.  Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • Brigette’s path through radio promotions, event-planning, being a private flight attendant and then as COO for a marketing company before starting Modern Muse Company.
  • How business owners can best keep up with all the changes in marketing, social media, etc. and what to focus on.
  • Why telling your story is so important to your business’ success .
  • What a business owner should focus on when it comes to marketing.

Modern Muse Company website

Brigette’s email address:  Brigette@ModernMuseCo.com

Brigette’s phone number:  323-839-2870

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