38 minutes | Dec 5th 2018

Episode 052: Nina Crowe – Arts and Artists in Glendale

Nina has a like totally fascinating story.  Growing up in the 80s as an authentic Valley Girl, she has always sought involvement in the arts and done what she can to help others.  Now she’s making sure Glendale Arts thrives and provides the community with the support of the Arts that is so very important.   Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • How a degree in dance, and experience in event planning helps with her role at Glendale Arts.
  • What Glendale Arts does to help children in the community including a special internship program.
  • The grant program that Glendale Arts sponsors and a local artist’s grant story .
  • What are the main events Glendale Arts sponsors each year.
  • How Nina helps make sure that donations go to what sponsors want them to go (unique idea, huh!)
  • The importance of supporting the arts and how to do so.

Glendale Arts website

Alex Theatre website

Nina’s email address:  NCrowe@GlendaleArts.org

Nina’s phone number:  818-243-2611, ext. 11

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