42 minutes | Nov 28, 2018

Episode 051: Tiffany Ho – Journey from Britney Spears to Opera

Madonna, Britney Spears and opera.  3 things that you wouldn’t think of as having any connection.  But this week’s guest has had a fascination with each one at some point in her life.  Tiffany Ho has always loved to sing.  When she was younger it was Madonna and then Britney Spears.  Then she got more interested in classical music and eventually she developed a passion for opera.  This is not a whim or something easy to do.  It takes years and years of dedicated work to really become good.  Today we’ll get to hear about: Why Tiffany became interested in classical music at an early age. How music history opened her eyes to aspects of regular history she never really appreciated. Why opera is really all about storytelling. What the future may hold for opera.
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