39 minutes | Nov 7th 2018

Episode 049: Dave “Chachi” Denes & Benztown – Making Radio and Podcasts Sound Awesome

Dave “Chachi” Denes has not only worked in almost every possible position in radio, his company Benztown is now helping transforming it.  And for good measure, the podcast industry too.  His entrepreneurial journey is fascinating and we not only dive into the subjects of radio and podcasting, but also a shared passion for books about the path to success.  This episode is like a Champagne brunch of motivation, inspiration, the entrepreneurial spirit…and it’s lots of fun too!  Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • How Chachi learned all about radio production and why he left the industry to go on his own.
  • Ways that the radio industry changed over the years and why there’s a need for Benztown.
  • Music, intros, outros, commercials – the glue that holds radio shows together.
  • Advice for podcasters to set them apart from the crowd.
  • Great charities that Benztown supports in some really unique ways.

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