29 minutes | Oct 31st 2018

Episode 048: Ascencia – Lifting People Out of Homelessness, One Person, One Family at a Time

Homelessness is a problem that is all around us but is also one we wish would just go away.  Unfortunately it hasn’t gone away.  In fact it has continued to grow.  One group that is trying to do something about it is Ascencia in Glendale.  They may not have the solution to the overall problem, but they are doing their best to help lift people out of homelessness one at a time.  Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • Why Los Angeles is ranked number two in the country for homeless population.
  • What the police do to help with the situation.
  • How Ascencia offers more than just a place to sleep and food to eat..
  • Why Ascencia gets double the national average when it comes to results.

Ascencia website

Ascencia main number:  818-246-7900 (ext. 100)

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