24 minutes | Oct 17, 2018

Episode 047: Oliver Wellington – From Headbanger to ‘Headliner’?

Podcasts are an audio medium.  But social media doesn’t accept just audio for posts.  So then how to you get word out on Facebook and Instagram or even Linkedin about your podcast episode.  In a way that immediately gets people’s attention.   Oliver Wellington will tell us how Headliner solves these problems for both podcasters and even for non-podcast businesses.  And solves it for them for free!  Today we’ll get to hear about: How Oliver went from touring as a rock band guitarist to plunging headfirst into the startup trenches. Why video is taking over the marketing world and how Headliner helps anyone take advantage of the trend. The Airbnb story about an “11 star experience” and how Oliver and Headliner work towards that. Headliner audiograms and short videos that are easy to make and stand out on social media. Headliner website Oliver’s email:  Oliver@Headliner.app
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