34 minutes | Sep 19th 2018

Episode 044: Lauren Dohring, Fine Artist – How to Get Skilled at Drawing and Painting

Painting of her younger sister Kim that Lauren did 14 years ago.

“So for me, painting is the way I can share a part of myself and how I see & experience the world…”

Lauren Dohring is quite an amazing artist.  Her paintings have a special quality that you don’t see from many artists alive today.  Her career began when she learned that you can make a representation of a lampshade with just shapes.  2 ovals and 2 straight lines.  That concept captured her interest and imagination and began her journey as an artist.  She shares more about that journey and advice from the lessons she’s learned along the way.   Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • Very simple but very clear and descriptive definitions of what drawing is and what painting is.
  • What fundamentals are important to become skilled as a painter.
  • The various possible ways to learn more about drawing and painting and which ones Lauren recommends.
  • If the skills of drawing and painting can be learned or if they’re dependent on natural talent.
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