34 minutes | Aug 29th 2018

Episode 041: Meher Kourouyan – Still Photography – Photography, Part 1

Meher is a professional photographer who is  enthusiastic and very, very knowledgeable about photography.  He shared a wealth of information about both still photography and video but since those really are 2 different topics we decided to split the interview into 2 separate podcast episodes.  This episode is the one with all the info and advice about still photography.   Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • What some of the key parts of a camera are and how they basically mimic the functions of parts of the eye.
  • Why smartphone cameras are good but don’t quite give you the same quality photos as a Canon or Nikon.
  • What the most common mistakes are that smartphone photographers make and easy ways to correct them.
  • The current transition going on in the camera industry, what the future holds and what you should do if you’re wanting to buy a camera.

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Meher’s email:  Meher@ReelLightPictures.com

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