53 minutes | Jul 18, 2018

Episode 037: Dr Yoshi Rahm – Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Yoshi knew he wanted to help people regain health from an early age and his motivation in becoming a Doctor of Osteopathy is easy to understand when you hear his brother’s story.  A health crisis that no child should have to suffer through.  That cemented Dr. Yoshi’s path.  But the direction he took after graduating and his research into stem cell therapy have their own stories behind them.   Today we’ll get to hear about: The story of the health crisis Dr. Yoshi’s brother went through and how that lead to a career path as a Dr. of Osteopathy for him. Why his practice almost had no choice but to pursue alternative therapies. What kind of approach Dr. Yoshi has toward patient care that his patients love. What is stem cell therapy, how does it work and why is it getting so much interest. What Dr. Yoshi does to amplify the effectiveness of stem cell therapy. For information discussed in this podcast: Dr. Yoshi’s office:  (818) 957-6909 Dr. Yoshi’s website Natural Knee Therapy website
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