60 minutes | Jul 11th 2018

Episode 036: Dr. Robert Hill – Inspiring Greatness at Glendale Community College

Dr. Robert Hill’s story is one of challenges, failures, successes and the importance of attitude above everything else.  His life’s mission is to inspire others to greatness and in this interview we discuss where that came from and how he uses it as Dean of Student Services at Glendale Community College.  This is a great story with drops of wisdom speckled throughout.   Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • How Robert’s mom, the first black educator in Orange County, got results and respect with her no-nonsense but loving approach.
  • His unconventional methods which focus on results and people rather than being worried about ‘drawing inside the lines’.
  • How he helped one of his students whose mother died and the impact it had on that student’s life.
  • What it was like having to wait for a heart transplant.
  • Why quitting is the worst thing you can ever do.

For information discussed in this podcast:

Dr. Hill’s mobile number:  480-371-4381

Glendale Community College website

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