29 minutes | Jun 20th 2018

Episode 035: Cindy Cleary, Director of Glendale Libraries – The Cutting Edge Central Library and 38 Years Experience

Anyone who thinks that librarians are boring or that working in a library would awful – can’t be talking about the Glendale libraries or their director, Cindy Cleary.  With 38 years experience in libraries Cindy has seen almost 4 decades of changes. She shares what she’s seen as well as some of her exciting and interesting experiences.  The Glendale Central library’s recent renovation makes it one of the most cutting edge in more ways than you can probably imagine – Cindy will go into that in much more detail.   Today we’ll get to hear about: The bad-breathed librarian in NY state who ignited Cindy’s love of reading and libraries. Cindy’s path through accounting, The Price is Right and the Brand Library to her current position as director. Why the Central Library has become popular with teenagers. What services, programs, facilities and equipment the Central Library has to offer. How YOU can benefit from what the Glendale libraries have to offer. For information discussed in this podcast: Library Administration office number:  (818) 548-2030 Central Library address: 222 E. Harvard St. Glendale, CA  91205
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