37 minutes | Jun 13th 2018

Episode 034: Dr. Morovati – Non-Invasive Pain Management & Sports Medicine

Dr. Anthony Morovati has worked in many aspects of the health care professions and has determined that a scientific approach, with all types of doctors working together for the patient benefit, is the best direction for any doctor to take.  From years of study and experience treating patients, he’s developed his own unique, non-invasive way to successfully eliminate the cause of pain.  In addition, he helps athletes not only with injuries but also in attaining peak performance.   Today we’ll get to hear about:

  • Dr. Morovati’s past experience working at Cedars Sinai and Urgent Care clinics and how that has helped him in his Chiropractic career.
  • The different ways pain comes about and the different types of non-invasive treatment needed to address both of them.
  • Going beyond the standard Chiropractic methods.  Using cutting-edge technology to get superior results.
  • What biomechanics is and why it is key in pain management and sports medicine.
  • How his approach with athletes helped a Boston Marathoner beat her best time by 10 minutes and win a bronze medal.
  • How he is spearheading a movement to bridge the gaps between the medical profession and Chiropractic.

For information discussed in this podcast:

Dr. Morovati’s website

Morovati office number:  (818) 500-8484

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