15 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

The Deadlift by Stef Smith

Stef Smith’s The Deadlift places the listener in the extreme present, inside the experiences of two women fighting for a way forward.  Injury, isolation, domestic inertia, and the strong hand of personal habits and history, all offer impediments.  But the steady and sometimes brutal logic of lifting weights offers a discipline, a practice, a path to progress, but also creates a space to reflect and to heal.  Part poem, part play, part meditation, performed by Ashley Smith and Renee Williams and with live percussion by Australian musician, Alon Ilsar, The Deadlift is the perfect place to begin Earwig Season 1.Creator/Composer/Sound Designer – Danny KrassDirected by Finn den HertogPerformed by Ashley Smith & Renee Williams Drums/Percussion: Alon Ilsar Original music by Danny Krass and Alon Ilsar Earwig has been commissioned by Tron Theatre with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.
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