111 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

The Earth Station One Podcast - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Series Review

In these troubled times, we need someone to inspire us again. Someone who can be a symbol for all of us. Mike, Mike, The Geekfather, and Julie Filipek discuss who will wield the shield in the newest Marvel series on Disney Plus. Plus, one half of A Juicy Pear podcast, Wendy Kok, gets squeezed in the Geek Seat. All this, along with Angela's A Geek Girl's Take, Ashley's Box Office Buzz, Michelle's Iconic Rock Moments, Creative Outlet with Bryan Silverbax, and Shout Outs! We want to hear from you! Feedback is always welcome. Please write to us at feedback@earthstationone.com and subscribe and rate the show on Apple Podcast, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, or wherever fine podcasts are found. Table of Contents 0:00:00 Show Open / Interview with Podcaster & Author Wendy Kok 0:29:55 Box Office Buzz 0:32:51 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Series Review 1:29:57 Michelle's Iconic Rock Moment 1:32:52 Creative Outlet - Bryan Silerbax 1:38:28 A Geek Girl's Place 1:40:01 Show Close Links Earth Station One on Apple Podcasts Earth Station One on Stitcher Radio Earth Station One on Spotify Past Episodes of The Earth Station One Podcast The ESO Network Patreon The New ESO Network TeePublic Store ESO Network Patreon Angela's A Geek Girl's Take Ashley's Box Office Buzz Michelle's Iconic Rock Talk Show The New Earth Station One Website The We Be Geeks Collective NSC Live TV Save Our Stages Tifosi Opitical A Juicy Pear Podcast Wendy M. Kok Kerra Prime Handbook Blurred Nerd Podcast Watchers in the Fourth Dimension The Session w/James Christian Hand Promos Tifosi Optics Earth Station Trek NSC Live TV The ESO Network Patreon If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please feel free to email us at feedback@earthstationone.comSpecial Guests: Julie Filipek, The Geek Father, and Wendy Kok.Sponsored By:Tifosi Optical : Tifosi Optics is a proud sponsor of The Earth Station One Podcast. Be sure to enter earthstationone (all one word) into the coupon field to get an additional 10% off. Promo Code: earthstationoneInked Marketing : Inked Marketing’s mission is to place your comic book-based business in the correct position in the marketplace for increased visibility and growth. They provide Marketing Solutions for comic book creators, artists, writers, shops, podcasters, and cosplayers. Come see what they can do for your Kickstarter or Comic Book Shop. Visit www.inked.marketing.com and ask for a “Solutions Guide” That’s www.inked.marketing.comSupport The Earth Station One Podcast
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