40 minutes | Aug 10th 2019

004: A Chat with Harmony Packer, Therapist and Researcher for Early-Returned Missionaries

Harmony Packer is a therapist at Healthier You in Lindon, Utah who specializes in treating early-returned missionaries. During her undergraduate degree, Harmony joined Dr. Kris Doty-Yells in her research on early-returned missionaries and their parents, helping her publish two research papers titled Return with Trauma: Understanding the Experiences of Early-Returned Missionaries and The Experiences of Parents of Early-Returned Missionaries. In this episode, Harmony and I discuss the types of trauma early-returned missionaries (and missionaries who complete the expected amount of time) face, as well as persistence of stigmas and why they exist. We also discuss how to find compassionate people to talk to and the dangers of isolating oneself during painful times. Harmony will be starting a therapy group for early-returned missionaries on August 15 with Healthier You. To learn more, call 801-785-4749.